About Lifetone

LIFETONE is a full-service sound, planning, design and production company. We create extraordinary events for private and corporate clients.

Press play to your event

LIFETONE events are personalized to reflect the distinct tastes of each client. Whether it's an individual, corporate entity, or luxury brand. Each and every design element is masterfully crafted and impeccably executed to create the perfect balance between form and function, precision and elegance.

This ultra-high level of detailed workmanship and a commitment to originality, quality and customer service puts LIFETONE Conceptual Event Experiences in a category all on it’s own.






Your needs will change constantly; we not only understand that… we encourage it. Amazing productions are organic, and require adaptability and quick thinking. Our team of managers, designers, and crews excel in this area. While you are focusing on the big picture and your ultimate goal, we will keep our eye on the details, provide solutions, and help you wherever and when you need it.

You name it, we make it happen!